Lets Mask India

Chambray & Co. is making and distributing cloth masks for free to homeless workers from the most “vulnerable section” of the country.


We are making use of our in-house atelier of pattern makers, sewers and home based women artisans along with volunteers and family members for:

  1. Making cloth face masks
  2. Sanatizing the mask
  3. Distributing masks free of cost to the poor and the marginalised



  • As of last week, Chambray & Co. has redirected 100 % of its cloth inventory to masks. 
  • It has 9 such active women artisan centres in Ahmedabad which are being put to this service.
  • The masks are manufactured in a completely professional and hygienic manner. The fabric used is 100% cotton fabric, dyed using natural pigments made from vegetables, fruits, roots and berries. 
  • These masks are reusable, completely compostable and a solution to the problem of the non woven surgical masks which are non biodegradable, irresponsibly disposed carriers of infection which would probably end up in land fills.
  • These mask also have a pocket to insert a N95 carbon filter which can be replaced.



Total cost for making and distributing a consciously produced mask is approx Rs. 50 per piece:

  • Rs. 38 to make a mask and sanitize it
  • Rs. 12 for logistic cost in transportation and distribution within 50 km of the center


We currently have an infrastructure to produce and distribute 1000 pieces everyday and our goal is to reach a target of 50000 masks by the end of May 2020.


The Impact

We believe, that along with other preventive measures, masks will help reduce the spread of the disease and help us battle this pandemic:

  1. It's critical for us to limit the spread of this virus in a country as populous as India
  2. This is a humble effort from our end to contribute to the well being of the desperate majority
  3. This will also help us provide a sense of purpose and wages to our home based women artisans who have been struggling to run their household since the lockdown
  4. This will help us check the use of non compostable masks which will only pollute our planet further



Please contribute to this cause by using one of the following options:


  1. Log In to https://www.ketto.org/lets-mask-india
  2. Paytm on 9099042888
  3. Google Pay : 9099042888
  4. UPI ID : chambrayandco@icici
  5. For offline donations please contact 9099943888


Other Ways You Can Help

Please continue to follow instructions provided by Government facilities, as well as your local and state NGOs.