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Our Story



We are a fashion and design house empowering community artisans. We make things that matter and weave joy into every story. In a world where fashion and design are often seen as excess, Chambray & Co. is a proof that style and sustainability can coexist. Inspired by nature and captivated by the city, Chambray & Co. tells a story of a lifestyle which embodies a connectedness and balance with the natural world.


At Chambray & Co., we have never followed trends or seasons. Fabrics take time and resources to produce. And we celebrate the uniqueness and texture through our products. Our endeavour is to attempt to tread consciously in every process of our garment making. We partner with local artisans across the country to create eco-ethical fashion. We are working with artisans who believe in the same ethos trying to reduce water and chemical consumption in our production processes. It is a tiny dot in the larger scheme of things. But it is a start. Little things go a long way. Or so we believe. With a holistic approach to design, we focus on small-scale production using natural and sustainable materials and methods.


As a billion dollar industry and the second most polluting business after oil, fashion has a direct and ghastly impact on the environment. The vast amounts of water used and the processing methods for fabrics contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases which are the cause for climate change. In a manic hustle to keep up with the mass production demanded by Fast Fashion the industry is contributing to today’s sustainability challenge in several alarming ways. Sustainable and slow fashion is all about mindfully and consciously protecting our planet. The change has to be on a more global and conscious level for it to make a profound impact and change.

We don’t just love seeing transformation, we love being a big part of it! Chambray & co. is a life and livelihood partner for empowered and dignified artisans as they strive to weave better futures for their families and communities.We have years of experience in building a eco-ethical fashion label, learning along the way, making a lot of mistakes, and pushing forward anyway.


You! Your decision to surround yourself with things that matter inspire us every day! We thought you should know.

Thank you for weaving joyful stories with us!