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Reflecting on a soft way of skills that triumph an Indo-Persian heritage blended with the cultural virtues of our Artisans. This timeless yet cheerful set is handcrafted from skin friendly fabrics and is designed to stand out and yet keep you comfortable. Wear this as a poetic expression of intimate festivities that you can dress up or down as you please! Play with it as separates and team each piece up with something you already own.

Please feel free to get only the tunic or the complete look to suit your preferences.


  • * Chinese Collar
  • * Front Buttons
  • * Statement sleeves.
  • * Delicate hand applique and thread embroidery
  • * Comfort fit.
  • * Straight fit
  • * Length: 38 inches.
  • * Made with Hand woven Chanderi with Zari Stripes
  • * Lining  cotton
  • * Consciously made.


Our silks are made from bamboo and wood pulp, dyed using natural pigments.Our yarns are hand spun on the traditional charkhas of Gujarat and dyed using natural pigments. Our breathable and lightweight fabric offers a high sense of ease.Why is it earth friendly? Using natural dyes derived from fruits, vegetables, roots, berries and minerals reduces the impact on the environment, and the fabric has a longer life cycle than traditional fabrics.


Fashion has power, the power to change lives. The lives of farmers, spinners, weavers, printers, tailors, embroiderers, designers and many more who have invisibly woven their souls into what we wear. At Chambray & Co. we honour them all, consciously, at every stage of crafting our products. Shifting fashion to touch the soul instead of just the body, we believe life is interconnected. Beauty is beyond vanity. The process of creation is as precious to us as giving you a beautiful product. We honour flaws in weaving as part of honouring life, streak of shade in dye as true luxury of the handmade. We silently celebrate the fading of natural dyes as we gracefully watch ourselves change through time. We design for mortality while honouring life and nature.


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Care Instructions


Our products are mostly hand-woven in fabrics ranging from Linens, Cotton, and Silk to organic cotton. Due to hand crafted nature of our products you may find variations and irregularities in the fabric, which are not necessarily defects but are integral to and characteristic of handloom. 

All natural dyed fabrics are prone to bleeding in the first 2-3 washes. Natural dyed fabrics need special care owing to the properties of the dyes. Please dry all the colored clothes in shade and wash them separately in cold water.

For Silk and light and delicate twill/linens Please keep silks and light and delicate twill/linens away from jewellery & sharp edged objects. They must be washed gently and separately by hand. Optionally, you may dry clean them. 

All the products are already prewashed so shrinkage should not occur.

Please do not use any harsh chemical on clothes while washing or otherwise. (like strong perfume, starch or strong detergent.) All our garments are best washed separately in cold water.